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Home Contractor Evolution: 16 Signs You've Hired The Wrong Person
Let me know if this situation sounds familiar…

You hired someone a month back. When you called to tell this person they got the job, you were excited, and so were they.

But now the glimmer is gone. The excitement you felt is slowly turning into doubt. There are a couple of things about this new hire you didn’t see before: 

  • They don’t have the skills their resume led you to believe they did.
  • They aren’t the team player you hoped they were.  
  • Their reliability is hit-and-miss.  
  • They need an attitude adjustment. 
  • [insert behavior you’re not loving]
The reality is even great team builders don’t shoot 100%. Look at professional sports, and you’ll see first-round draft picks that end up being busts. Major contracts awarded that only a year later seem totally boneheaded.  

If the most sophisticated and well-resourced team builders in the world get it wrong from time to time, it seems probable that you in your business are going to as well. No sweat.  Part of the journey. 

The question is, how do you deal with it?

Do you exit quickly, learn and bounce back? Or do you let this mistake linger and fester


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