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Home Contractor Evolution: How to Implement a CRM Without Giving Yourself a Migraine
If you took a survey of contractors right after the implementation of their first CRM or Project Management tool, many of the responses you’d get would sound something like:

  • That was awful
  • My head nearly exploded
  • Truly the worst 6 months of my life for me and my team
  • I never want to go through that again

Technology and software are supposed to make your business life simpler and more efficient.  So why do most entrepreneurs talk about the adoption period like veterans talk about the war or mothers talk about childbirth?  

This whole “tech overwhelm” thing, especially for contractors, is something we’ve been wanting to get some answers on for a while now, which is why we are so excited to have Ben Hodson on the show today.  Ben is the Co-Founder and CEO of JobNimbus which is one of our favorite pieces of contractor software, and we thought who would be better to teach us how to implement technology headache-free, than the guy who builds it.  

We’re fans of Ben and JobNimbus for a couple of reasons. It's super customizable and integrates easily with everything. It's relatively simple to implement compared to other CRM’s and they have a dynamite customer support team that is super hands on. 

So if you’ve purchased a CRM and barely used it, if you’ve been frustrated by your tech stack or lack thereof, or if you’re still managing your business on a spreadsheet but you’re ready to take the leap… this episode is a must listen.

By the end of this episode you’ll know:

  • The difference between contractors that struggle to implement new systems vs those that find it pretty easy
  • How to use an “I.C.E.” decision making matrix to ensure you select the right CRM to begin with
  • How to avoid the common “employee pushback” scenario and foster adoption of any new tech system
  • How to identify all of the problems you face in business as one of two factors which then become easier to solve
  • The elements of the trades and contracting sectors are ripe for disruption and what you need to be getting ready for
  • The things that a serial CEO Ben Hodson wished he had learned earlier when running businesses

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