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Home Concrete Drive - Expansion Joint Upgrade How To
Have you ever seen a concrete driveway where the joins are full of weeds? If you said yes, BASF SL2 Self Leveling Joint Sealant is your solution. In this video, Matt Risinger and one of his project managers, Ben, use BASF SL2 on a Salt Finished Concrete Driveway.The goal is to make sure this concrete driveway lasts longer, requires less maintenance, and looks awesome. BASF SL2 is a polyurethane sealant, which is a product that seals the joints between concrete on your driveway. The SL2 product consists of three parts a hardener, abase, and a color additive (about 30 colors on the color chart) to match the concrete.In this video, they use the self-leveling SL2, which has a high viscosity. While the sealant prevents pesky weeds from ruining an otherwise beautiful driveway, it also protects the joints and the concrete from water and ultimate wear and tear. So how do you use the SL2 Self Leveling Joint Sealant? Check out the video to see the product in action and the final result.

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