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Building Science Camp 2017 outside Boston .

In this video, Matt Risinger checks in from the three-day Building Science Camp 2017 (#bscamp) to talk with colleagues about some of the great things they learned during the conference. Each year, the nation's top building scientists get together at the Building Science Corporation, and this recap video is packed with some great tips and takeaways. He talks with a number of colleagues and experts in the field, on topics ranging from flex duct to rebar corrosion in salty environments (see the video for a tip on a great alternative), flat roofs, why painting brick is a bad idea, and why you really should talk your homebuilding clients out of using stucco if possible. He also checked in with Dr. Claudette about the LSU LaHouse (http://www.lsuagcenter.com/topics/family_home/home/lahouse), the home and landscape resource center.

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