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Episode 6: Achieving Building Science

Episode 6: Achieving Building Science .

In this episode Matt & Steve shift focus towards practical implementation of building science. The discussion centers on achieving control in construction to create a controlled environment that ensures comfort, health, durability, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Four key control layers are introduced: air management, water management, vapor management, and thermal management. These layers work in tandem, not in isolation, emphasizing the interconnectedness of building science. The importance of prioritizing water control, followed by vapor and thermal management, is highlighted. The episode also touches upon measurement tools like blower doors for assessing air tightness and underlines that every element in a building contributes to control layers. Modern housing techniques and building codes are discussed as well, emphasizing the significance of balance and integration in achieving optimal control. Finally, the analogy of a Yeti cooler is used to illustrate how control layers and proper airflow management are essential components of energy efficiency in buildings.


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