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Episode 8: Airtightness

Episode 8: Airtightness .

In this episode Matt & Steve discuss the importance of air tightness in construction, ranking it second in significance after water management. They introduce the Blower Door test as a game-changing metric to measure air tightness, now incorporated into building codes across many regions. The episode emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to address air leakage sources in modern construction. Key concepts like continuity, separation, and escalation are explored. Continuity highlights the necessity of an uninterrupted air barrier, exemplified by the "Red Line Test." Separation emphasizes the binary nature of air tightness, urging clarity in distinguishing between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. Lastly, escalation warns against air leakage's potential consequences, linking it to moisture issues. In conclusion, the episode underscores the vital connection between air tightness and energy efficiency, urging adherence to increasingly strict building codes and clear differentiation between indoor and outdoor spaces. 


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