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Episode 9: Siding, Painting, and Mechanicals

Episode 9: Siding, Painting, and Mechanicals .

Welcome back to Build Show Build, where Jake tackles multiple topics today. First, we'll start with cladding choices: TruExterior was chosen for this project. While it may be unfamiliar to many because it's not a widespread product and hasn't taken hold yet, Jake is excited about working with it and hopes it becomes widespread. What is it? It's a fly ash product, a byproduct of different industrial processes at coal-fired plants. What would usually be waste turns into a siding product. One of the benefits is that it provides the ability to be zero contact or zero-grade, so it won't be absorbing water or moisture (unlike fiber cement products). Remember durability isn't the only factor—workability plays a significant role in selection. He'll share a series of benefits to using his product selection. He'll also dive into paint and what will add the special aesthetic touches to the house. He'll also talk mechanicals, beginning with water heaters, where he'll review cost considerations and his top picks. Then he'll dive into heating and cooling options, as well as selections for this project. Find out why these were picked.

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