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Episode 11: The Interior Finishes

Episode 11: The Interior Finishes .

This episode shows the house coming together. Now that it is almost completely finished, Jake and Steve discuss cabinet details. They'll also dive into the other architectural elements in the minutia and some of the design decisions that comprise their choices. Learn more about the decision-making involved. Steve provides great insight into the rooms' style and how these rooms are tied to the site plan, and the role that plays in the decisions. From a design perspective, we'll look at small details like doors and daylight that create intriguing features for the homeowner. How do we set certain aspects apart? Design choices affect the whole house. A kitchen cabinet affects more than just the cabinet—you'll think about windowsills, visibility, and even other rooms. Many clients come to the table with specific desires but don't understand why they want what they want or the effects of bringing some of them to life. It doesn't feel like a home if your ideas aren't knitted together—details matter.

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