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The Love-Hate Relationship with the Microwave .

Microwaves are found in 90% of kitchens because they cook food quickly and are simple to operate. But as we become more health conscious, we are paying attention to the air in our homes. Unfortunately, over the range microwaves can have significant negative impact on our homes and our indoor air quality. While many over-the-range microwaves offer ventilation, they do not provide the effective capture that a range hood is intended to provide. In the article “The Importance of a Range Hood” we talk about why choosing a range hood is critical. But many of us still want the convenience of a microwave in a kitchen. So, where can you put that microwave?

1. Set microwave into cabinetry

For a built-in look, countertop models can be tucked into a shelf or opening in the cabinetry. This frees up space on your work surface by allowing you to move the microwave away from it. The closer the microwave fits into the space, the more streamlined it appears...

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