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Home Best Building Performance Products - Intl Builder Show 2018
Matt Risinger takes a trip to the International Builders Show in Orlando, FL and discovers some pretty cool products. Certaineed Membraine is a highly recommended vapor barrier product, it's an air tight barrier that is vapor open when it needs to be and vapor closed when it needs to be based on the weather and humidity, which are so important in the north. AeroBarrier is a system that can tighten the air changes in a house to avoid leakiness, working as an airborne sealant. Liquid flashing is also a hot topic at the show, to seal the area between the foundation and the framing to allow for air tightness. There are also some pretty cool roofing installations that are pretty high tech and solar. Tune into this video to take a walk through of some of the best products of 2018, you may consider using these!

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