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Aquatherm Pipe PEX alternative

Aquatherm Pipe PEX alternative .

A PEX alternative is the topic at hand in this video. Matt Risinger, master builder, discusses the Aquatherm pipe that is toxin free, is recyclable, requires no mechanical fittings, glue, solder and is also freeze tolerant. It also has no harmful combustion by-products. The Aquatherm Green Pipe is safest for potable water, including domestic water piping systems. Made from polypropylene, it doesn't react with water, preventing leaching, corrosion, scaling and erosion, major causes of water contamination and long-term piping failure. It is installed using heat fusion. The color of the pipe blocks sunlight from passing through the pipe wall and promoting biofilm formation. Aquatherm Green Pipe meets UPC, IPC, IRC and the NPC-Canada certification for hot and cold potable water systems.

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