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Home Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner Review & Filter Change Instructions

Air cleaning is a great idea to add to the air quality system in your home. In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder, describes the function of the air cleaner and how it works. Risinger is a fan of the Aprilaire Media air cleaner. On one side, there is the America Standard gas-flow furnace that services the entire upstairs of the home. It's mounted horizontally in the attic. Next to the furnace is the Aprilaire media air cleaner on the return side of the furnace where the air flows before it gets to the furnace to be heated or cooled. The AprilAire is a static system that doesn't require electricity and needs a filter change once a year.The filter change is really simple. Open the housing, and it's apparent that the unit is doing its job. It's important to have an HVAC contractor do preventive maintenance on your HVAC system," but the filter change can be done by the homeowner. The AprilAire 2000 series air cleaners come in a few sizes. The 2410 model is perfect and it's easy to remove the filter and drop it right in. Make sure the arrow is going in the right direction. Fit the filter onto the top track first and slide it back slightly to get it onto the bottom track. This system works on 99% of installs and the only reason to consider something else is if there's a family member with a compromised immune system or a severe allergy. The Merv 13 filter is near HEPA quality. The air cleaner circulates air and scrubs and distributes clean air. Using one of these will also make HVAC equipment last longer.

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