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American Clay Plaster .

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional plaster that doesn't have VOCs, acrylic, or other binders, check out American Clay Plaster. In this video, Matt Risinger shows the subtle, natural beauty of this decorative plaster, made from the earth's clay and available in a variety of natural pigments. This is a living finish that will retain its beauty for years to come and needs no paint on top of it. It hydrates from a powder with water, spreads to a credit card's thickness over level 4 or 5 drywall. Available in approximately 50 different colors, this plaster can also be custom mixed for a unique color to suit a client's desire. The walls have a slightly different look than the ceilings in this house, where they went with a slightly softer color on the ceiling to better complement the walls. You can also do this in a "Porcelina" for shiny, polished plaster look. The easy tones of this product make it a great base color for any home, and after you're done, just install your flooring and you're ready to move in. Watch the video to learn more, or go to www.americanclay.com.

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