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Airtight Done Right .

"I have heard the quote “It’s Building Science NOT Rocket Science” many times, and I have spoken it as many times as I have heard it. When it comes to Airtightness, the quote couldn’t be more true. Keep it simple!!!! In this week’s video, we do just that, we keep it simple…..BUT EFFECTIVE!!! Out at the Hilltop Aarow house, we measured a .57 ach50Pa for our final blower door test. That’s quite a success story given the set of building science parameters on this house. We used a simple but effective method to air barrier continuity at the lid. Join BIG RED and me as we walk thru the detail at the top of the wall where we connect our exterior air barrier (Zip R Sheathing) to the interior air barrier at our ceiling (drywall). It’s an effective detail I have used many a time…..all to a very successful result…….Enjoy the video, my friends."

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