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Aamodt & Plumb Architects Design w/ Bensonwood Timberframe & SIPS panels. .

Here we join Matt Risinger at a new home construction job in Lake Austin, Texas. This is a 5,000+ sq. ft. home built in under 12 months utilizing Bensonwood's Hybrid Timberframe & SIPS panels with Boston-based architect Aamodt & Plumb (http://www.aamodtplumb.com/). We see a time-lapse video of the home's framing, and Risinger discusses Bensonwood's pre-insulated, R-38 dense pack cellulose panels that are used for both walls and roof here. These come fully taped on both sides for an airtight seal. Risinger checks back in at the site after all the framing has been completed, showing conditioning in progress with dehumidifiers and air conditioning units, and a unique way they triple-seal for an extra airtight connection at the bottom plate (watch the video to see how!). He takes us all through the home, including into the master bath where they've put in some impressive skylights and tubed steel that will support a large concrete sink. If you're considering a timber frame home, Risinger recommends Bensonwood. For more information, go to http://bensonwood.com, and for more info on this house and other projects, visit Risinger's blog at http://www.MattRisinger.com.

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