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Episode 97: What is Craftsmanship?

Episode 97: What is Craftsmanship? .

On this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt and Brent go deep into crafting quality into a new house. They talk about how fast food and fast fashion compare to building today, discussing what gives a home an old soul: craftsmanship, design, quality, and materials.

What are the benefits of craftsmanship? How do we justify the cost?

What are the metrics for quality? Are we substituting materials to overcome bad craftsmanship?

How important are the materials we use? What do the materials we use in our builds say about us?

Do new homes today have a cohesive narrative or design style? Is design the missing piece in modern builds?

Listen in as Matt and Brent break it all down for you.

Brent's new series, New House, Old Soul, covers craftsmanship: the work, quality, materials, and design styles from our history and how to bring that character and quality into today's new homes. Find it on The Build Show Network here and YouTube here.

You can find Brent's podcast, Passion for Craft, here. His YouTube channel is @BrentHull, and his Instagram is @hullmillwork_hullhomes.

Matt's Instagram accounts are @risingerbuild and @thebuildshow, and his TikTok account is @thebuildshow.

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