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Episode 80: Risk Management

Episode 80: Risk Management .

In this week's podcast, Matt goes deep into risk management, talking about some of the steps you can take now to contend with a housing slowdown or recession.

He'll share some stories he hasn't shared before, touching on some of his personal and business mistakes. He discusses what he thinks 2023 holds for the industry and some of the indicators he's been looking at.

He examines his experience working for a national builder that had declared Chapter 11, the changes that company made to recover and thrive, and the lessons he took away with him when he started his own business. He touches on how his expectations of the market's metrics differed from the actual metrics, how that realization steered his decision-making, and how he hadn't really learned the lessons he thought he'd learned.

Take a break with Matt, learn from his mistakes, and take away his business and personal philosophies.

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