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Episode 64: Handling a Downturn in the Economy .

Steve Lesem takes over for Matt in this week's podcast, and he goes deep into the business of building with Benji Carlson of Breakthrough Academy.

Breakthrough Academy specializes in systemizing construction businesses for growth, helping build infrastructure from financial tracking and budgeting to hiring and recruiting, and developing organizational structures for training and onboarding.

It's been a tough year, and as interest rates rise, home prices also rise. Buyers may get priced out of homes, and spec builders' inventory may grow.

Steve's advice? "Don't wait 'til you're in the problem to try to fix the problem."

Listen in as these two experts talk about the economy and how you can prepare your business for an economic downturn.

Download Breakthrough Academy's Bullet-Proof Budget for Builders here: https://trybta.com/bsn-budget

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