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Episode 19: The Business of Homebuilding .

On today’s episode of the Build Show, I’m joined once again by my COO Steve Lesem to discuss all about the business side of building and more comprehensively, how we educate our clients on certain aspects of their build so they can make an informed decision about what they’re putting into their home.
On any build, one of the major factors clients discuss is cost. However, we like to think of things a little bit differently, and rather than always going for the cheapest possible price on features, we strive for the best possible outcome a product can deliver within their budget.
Oftentimes, clients who sacrifice cost early on, pay for it later down the line when it comes to repairs and maintenance. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, more expensive products, like marble, for example, might not deliver the desired outcome. 
So how can we honor the client’s wishes and remain somewhat cost-focused during a project, while educating them on a more outcome-based solution?


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