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Episode 123: The OGs of Building Science

Episode 123: The OGs of Building Science .

This week, Matt is joined by Kohta Ueno, Principal at Building Science Corporation. They delve into Kohta’s serendipitous journey – from kitchen remodels to joining Building Science Corporation in 1998 after seeing Joe Lstiburek on a PBS episode. They discuss the company's focus on building failures and consulting services, explaining complex building science concepts to the public.

Matt and Kohta “nerd out” about the tools they use to ensure they stick to top tier building science principles. Also, they highlight the educational resources provided by Building Science Corporation (buildingscience.com), including seminars, online content (videos, white papers, and more), and the Building Science Summer Camp.

Matt expresses gratitude for the company's contributions to the industry, acknowledging their role in educating builders and improving building standards.


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