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Episode 101: Remodelability

Episode 101: Remodelability .

On this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt and Will go deep into remodelability.

What is remodelability? In this 100th/101st podcast, Will King of High Cotton Homes out of Alabama joins Matt in the studio to create a new word and to discuss a longer-term view of home building. When you build a home, are you planning for a future remodel? What would you do differently if you looked at each component of your projects through the window of remodelability?

From windows to trusses to plumbing, they talk about future-proofing their projects, how they can improve their practices, and create homes that are well-built and transformable. They also touch on some of the products they use that help them build homes that are more remodel-friendly.

Know better. Build better.

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