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Home One Hour ADU Build with Extreme Panel

In this episode of the Build Show, we're diving into the world of high-performance, fast construction with Extreme Panel Technologies. Join us as we build an 800 square foot structure that's not only super airtight and well-insulated but also assembles in just two hours!

Our sponsor for this build is Extreme Panel Technologies, known for their innovative construction solutions. We're joined by Perry, a seasoned builder, who showcases the incredible efficiency of building with Extreme Panels.

These panels are not your typical construction material. They're solid foam with wood glued to both sides, creating a super strong and energy-efficient building component. In fact, a six-inch wall made with these panels is as strong as a traditional two-by-ten wall, but with far superior insulation properties.

In this video, you'll see how easy it is to assemble these panels. We'll show you the floor panel system, which eliminates the need for traditional joists and hangers, reducing labor and material costs significantly. The roof panels, with their eight-inch thickness, offer exceptional insulation and strength, with minimal thermal bridging.

One of the key advantages of Extreme Panels is their ease of installation. With the right tools and techniques, a small crew can assemble a building in record time. Plus, the panels come with all the necessary accessories, from specialized nailers to foam cutters, making the construction process smoother and more efficient.

We'll also tour a nearly finished two-story structure built with Extreme Panels, showcasing its versatility and aesthetics. These buildings are not only high-performance but also visually appealing, making them ideal for various settings, from urban infill projects to rural cottages.

If you're looking for a high-performance, fast, and cost-effective construction solution, look no further than Extreme Panel Technologies. Check out their website for more information and start building smarter today!

Check out Extreme Panel today!

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