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Home Design and Construction Week (IBS 2024)

The Build Show team hits Las Vegas for the International Builder's Show 2024 to explore what's best in Design and Construction. They see innovations in on man window installs, highly insulated attic stairs, new air circulation technology, and more. Come along with the team as they explore the biggest convention in building - IBS 2024


0:00 - Intro

0:38 - Fakro

3:00 - Rockwool

5:57 - Benjamin Obdyke

8:18 - Huber Booth

9:14 - Pella

17:50 - Atlas

21:06 - Westlake Royal

26:28 - Warmboard

34:04 Timber HP

42:32 - Roseburg

43: 23 InSoFast

48:20 - Quickflas

52:12 - Outro

Check Out Fakro

Check Out Rockwool

Check Out Benjamin Obdyke

Check out Huber

Check out Pella

Check Out Atlas

Check out Westlake Royal

Check out Warmboard

Check out Timber HP

Check Out Roseburg

Check out InSoFast

Check out Quickflash

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