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Let’s Talk Wood: Shou Sugi Ban, Sustainability, and Factory Finish .

Join Matt on a visit to Delta Millworks, North America's premier supplier of modern shou sugi ban. He'll join Delta Millworks' CEO, Robbie Davis, to discuss shou sugi ban, the benefits of factory-finished wood, and the importance of sustainability when choosing building materials. We'll cover a variety of wood-focused topics so you can take your build to the next level. Delta Millworks is shaking up the wood industry so you'll want to tune in to learn from the pros on the cutting edge of innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The top reasons you should choose factory finished wood, the performance benefits associated with a factory finished product, and how factory finished materials allow you to keep your project on schedule 
  2. Why sustainability is more than just a “buzzword” but a practical way to enhance your projects.
  3. How the ancient Japanese tradition of shou-sugi-ban has come back to life and why it’s an asset to your next build.


  • Matt Risinger, CEO Risinger Build
  • Robbie Davis, CEO Delta Millworks

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