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Could Your Phone Replace Your Tape Measure

Could Your Phone Replace Your Tape Measure .

Could Your Phone Replace Your Tape Measure?

As-Built Drawings with Canvas (Live Demo)

Join BSN Founder and 28-year remodeling veteran Matt Risinger, BSN Contributor and Remodel Contractor Zack Dettmore, and the Canvas team as they take you on a comprehensive tour of Canvas, a revolutionary tool that streamlines the field measurement process for all your remodeling projects.

Every successful remodeling project starts with accurate as-built drawings, which can be a tedious and time-consuming task to get right. With Canvas, however, this process is simplified and made significantly faster thanks to the advanced LiDAR technology in your iPhone Pro or iPad Pro. Canvas takes just minutes to scan a kitchen, bathroom, or even an entire house, and generates detailed CAD files that open natively in SketchUp, Chief Architect, Revit, AutoCAD, and 2020 or Measurement Reports and floor plans that can be imported into your takeoff software.


Date: June 14th, 2023


What You'll Learn:

In this webinar, you'll discover how Canvas can save you countless hours on field measurement time, while also learning more about its many features and benefits. Join us as we explore the following topics:

  • What is Canvas, and how can it revolutionize your remodeling projects?
  • How does Canvas work, and how can it help you achieve accurate as-built drawings in a fraction of the time?
  • What is the cost of Canvas, and what types of drawings does it output? And how does this compare with your current as-built costs?
  • How can you seamlessly integrate Canvas into your current design software to streamline your workflow and boost productivity?



  • Matt Risinger, CEO & Chief Builder, Risinger Build & Build Productions
  • Steve Baczek, Architect
  • Zack Dettmore, CEO & Remodel Contractor, Dettmore Home Improvements
  • Greg Barton, Head of Partnerships, Canvas