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Home 6 Critical Exterior Door Components and Tips
Often, exterior doors are the afterthought of a new build or remodel. Exterior doors are focal points of your home, so you may not want them to be an afterthought. In this video, Matt Risinger reviews all the things you need to know about exterior doors.Before you even choose the door, you want to think about the components that go into installing a door. You can specify parts and pieces that will ensure long-term success of your door.Corey Claunch from Architectural Impressions joins Risinger to discuss what to order and how to do that.The first thing is often the least consideration by a lot of builders door jambs. Be sure to specify Edndura FrameSaver Jambs, which are wood jambs, but with the bottom few inches a composite block, which addresses the typical problems on a door jamb (rot, etc.).Next up, specify Endura Z-Articulating Cap Sill for the door sills. The articulating cap will flex with the door, which helps maintain the seal.Another component to consider are the hinges; you can specify heavy duty ball bearing hinges. These hinges cost a little more (probably $40 per door), but they work better and don't produce the black streaks (from the grinding of hinges). During construction, make sure you specify a "dunnage door", which is a temporary door that allows the builder to lock-up, but doesn't subject the final slab to the wear and tear of construction.The final tip is to order your exterior doors from a millwork supplier when you start framing. When you order from a millwork supplier, the builder and architect are driving the production, not a bottom line. That means you will get the best door for your house, not a mass-produced model that will have to be retrofitted into your space. Tune into the complete video to hear more tips about exterior doors.

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