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Home 10 Shiplap tips from master carpenter Gary Streigler
Ship lap is a classic trim choice that adds character to any space, but mastering its installation can be tricky. Join Matt as Master Carpenter Gary Striegler shares his expert tips and tricks for mastering ship lap in this exciting episode.

Gary explores different options for wood paneling, showcasing various sizes and textures available. He dives into tongue and groove paneling, highlighting its installation and versatility. Gary emphasizes the importance of primed paneling for durability.

When it comes to installation, Gary shows how to install paneling vertically or horizontally, explaining the trim details needed for a professional finish. He demonstrates how to create shadow lines and offsets for a flawless look.

For outside corners, Gary shares his favorite trick of creating a beaded corner look, adding a traditional touch with shadow lines. He explains the use of a beading bit and table saw to achieve this detail.

Around windows and doors, Gary demonstrates how to use back bands to create depth and avoid flush joints. He shows how to properly trim out windows with ship lap for a seamless finish.

With Gary's expert guidance, you'll be able to tackle ship lap installation like a pro, adding timeless charm to your space. Don't miss out on these valuable tips and techniques! Subscribe to our channel for more DIY and carpentry insights.

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