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Insulating and air sealing are moving ever closer to zero energy usage. Advances in insulation technologies provide dramatic barriers against air leaks often found at cracks, plumbing, wiring, lighting, and ductwork penetrations. From basement to attics, proper insulation and air sealing can lower heating/cooling costs as much as 50%.
Innovative and eco-friendly, natural and synthetic materials provide interior finishes that go far to both define and enhance our living spaces. Color, surfaces that are clean, light and bright, and a variety of metal and stone enhancements are adding drama, design continuity and functionality to home interiors.

In its most basic sense, millwork refers to construction products that are produced in a mill. In the hands of an experienced craftsperson, however, millwork represents an opportunity to bring custom-designed elements of visual interest into the structure of a building. A prime example is molding, which encompasses a variety of shapes that cover transitions between surfaces. Molding can serve functional purposes (such as weatherproofing), decorative purposes, or both.

Explore opportunities to enhance or to save cost on your building projects. If you’re a construction pro, designer, or a homeowner looking towards the next remodel project, there are a plethora of new products available. While a device or material appears to be exactly what you need, until you’ve had a building expert weigh in, rate and review it, should you chance it?
Roofing not only delivers design beauty, environmental efficiency is becoming increasingly important in the selection of roofing materials. Today’s eco-friendly shingles are designed to reduce carbon footprint and reflective granules allow for shingles to offset the sun’s heat. Roofing provides for lowering air conditioning costs and can be a critical fire barrier for your home.
“Smart” is almost an understatement these days when it comes to technology-based modernization and personalization. Achieve enhanced safety and security, convenience and comfort, conserve energy and slash utility costs. Control home automation with devices that work together to lock/open doors, adjust temperature or lighting, shut garage doors and arm security systems and build greater resale value in the process.
When considering residential design options that focus on privacy and comfort, noise reduction is typically not high on the list. Soundproofing create a more enjoyable environment and a variety of acoustic barriers can be used to reap the sound-cancelling benefits of thermal insulation, while increasing home value in the process.
Keep up with the latest in the world of tools. We show you new products in the market as well as tool recommendations for your specific job.
The systems that contain and move water throughout a residence deserve the utmost consideration from the start of a project or build. Water heating is the third largest utility load in a home and the number of new products that provide efficiency and reliability are rapidly expanding. While green products in this segment are commonplace, advances continue to provide amazing flexibility and choice.
The welding of such metals as raw steel to provide structure to a building has long been the norm. Increasingly, professional welders unleash beauty in the form of stairs, handrails, bridges, gates and other design treatments in residential construction. Durability, strength and the cost-effectiveness of metals deliver untold beauty to homes at the hands of a new breed of knowledgeable welders.
Stunning windows and skylights and exquisite door design are only half of the equation. Optimizing energy efficiency, thermal resistance, low-emissivity coatings that lower the U-factor, durability and framing materials make up the balance. Maintain that wondrous view of the world while minimizing cost and environmental impact.