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Home The Real Rebuild


On this 8 - episode BUILD Original Series, Matt Risinger will talk about his experiences with the Real Rebuild of his family home including the construction and building science behind it. Learn about the experiences Matt and his family have had since moving in, what they would do differently, what they did right, and how the home is performing post-occupancy.

Find out if Matt accomplished his goals for the home including passive level air tightness, durability and efficiency in a healthy comfortable environment.


The Real Rebuild: Project Introduction


If you're a long time Build Show fan, you definitely remember the Real Remodel: Matt's attempt to buy and flip a home for his family that didn't exactly go as planned. In this series we will take a deep dive into all the twists and turns that came with that project and examine what Matt learne...

Framing and Exterior Insulation



Matt begins Episode two by revisiting the framing package and discussing the choice for 2x4 LVL vs LSL and SPF… tune in to learn why and what he would do next time. We then see how these LVL's were fastened to construct the attic with SPAX products and check i...

Mechanicals and Plumbing


Matt discusses his efficient house layout and zone control using Mitsubishi multi split and Airex Titan Outlets. He also discusses his Santa Fe dehum units and old videos on air quality. Special thanks to sponsor James Hardie and episode sponsors Airex and Santa Fe.

Windows Roofing and Siding


Matt takes a look at his James Hardie siding two years after the install to see how it has held up over time. He also describes the reasons why he went with Hardie® siding and other products when working on the exterior of his house which include durability and airtightness, something he a...

Insulation, Drywall, Bathroom Waterproofing - Real Rebuild Ep. 5


Matt walks through the entire insulation process and why he chose to use Rockwool insulation on his personal home as well as a retesting of his famous sound test but with drywall installed. Then he talks about getting ready to hang drywall ...

Floors, Doors, Trim, and Paint


With the house finally coming together, Matt reviews his choices of Advantec subfloor from Huber as well as his choices in garage and pocket doors. Then we look at his trim details and the style and install thoughts behind those decisions before we wrap up ...

Kitchen, Bath, and Interior Finishes


Matt makes the arguement for his kitchen counter top choices and reviews how they are holding up. We also get to see what appliances Matt went with and why as well as wether or not he would stand by that choice. Later we review his Viewrail staircase ins...

Finishing and Exterior


In the final episode of the Real Rebuild, Matt shows us some important details from his exterior including the construction of his front porch and back patio. We then hear from Jake Bruton who helped with Matt's blower door test before Matt reflects on his personal build and commentates on eve...

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