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Talking Trades

On this 13- episode BUILD Original Series, we will follow Matt Risinger as he travels the country visiting Build Show expert contributors Eric Aune, Lydia Crowder, Zack Dettmore and CJ Nielsen, each with a passion for high-performance homes. Trades covered include plumbing, heating, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, remodeling and drywall. This Build Show Original Series will draw attention to the opportunities that exist in the industry, highlighting the different career paths available, and the gratification of owning your own business. Talking Trades will provide ideas, tips and trends from professional contractors and tradespeople. Each expert will provide their perspective on: What is a day in their life like? What does it take to be successful? The importance of customer education/involvement in the process. Lessons learned.



Talking Trades


On this 13- episode BUILD Original Series, we will follow Matt Risinger as he travels the country visiting Build Show expert contributors Eric Aune, Lydia Crowder, Zack Dettmore and CJ Nielsen, each with a passion for high-performance homes. Trades covered include plumbing,...

Talking Plumbing: Part 1


A Day in the Life

Matt travels to Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit Eric Aune, Master Plumber and Electrical Contractor. Matt takes on being Eric's "apprentice" for the day and is of course tasked with.. apprentice work. We learn form Eric...

Talking Plumbing: Part 2


Apprentice Day

Today Matt gets to the "real" plumbing work and sees the opportunity and difficulty in the trade. Eric and Matt talk more in dollar amounts of what an apprentice to master plumber might make and how to begin in the career...

Talking Plumbing: Part 3


Interview Day

Matt and Eric head back to the shop and sit down to really talk about what it's like working in the trades as a plumber. They discuss pros and cons of being your own boss and working in the plumbing industry.


Talking Electrical: Part 1


Next Matt travels west to meet CJ Nielsen, a Master Electrician in Napa, California. They tour a recently finished project of CJ’s in the wine country and Matt is happy to see the value of craftsmanship on his jobs. CJ shows Matt the variety of work cut in...

Talking Electrical: Part 2


Apprentice Day

Matt is CJ’s apprentice for the day on one of his active projects. He learns from CJ what a day in the life is like for someone doing electrical work and learns that the craft in this trade takes a lot of practice and patience.

They talk mo...

Talking Drywall: Part 1


Day in the Life

Matt flies out again to the mountains of Bozeman, Montana to meet Master Drywaller, Lydia Crowder. Popularly known as @drywallshorty - Matt spends a day hands on learning about the trade. And spends most of his time doing the grunt work - mixing mud! Lydi...

Talking Electrical: Part 3


Interview Day

Matt and CJ head back to Austin, Texas to dive even deeper into the electrical trade. The two sit down and share stories and perspectives. CJ shares about how his upbringing influenced his career and how the people around him felt about him pursuing elect...

Talking Drywall: Part 2


Apprentice Day

Lydia gives Matt the backstory on how she ended up in the trades and what the steps to becoming a drywaller look like. Matt learns first hand that drywall is not as easy (and much messier) than it looks. Matt spends a day hands on learning ab...

Talking Drywall: Part 3


Interview Day

Matt and Lydia clean up and head back to her studio. They sit down and learn more about Lydia’s journey through the trade and advice she would give to someone wanting to be a drywall expert. Matt asks questions about how m...

Talking Carpentry: Part 1


Matt is back on another flight - heading east. Next stop is Zack Dettmore, Master Carpenter & Home Remodeling Contractor, in New Jersey.

Talking Carpentry: Part 2


Matt visits Zack's workshop and Matt is ready to work! The two start on a restoration journey of a 130-year-old door salvaged from a home renovation project. They discuss the intricacies of the restoration process and Matt learns carpentry tips and tracks from Master Carpenter, Zack.

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