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Home High Performance Canada

On a stunning lakeside orchard in Summerland British Columbia, NIDO and Red Stag Contracting team up to deliver a stylish and comfortable home for a young family. The Build Show got a great tour of some very interesting details in the high performance Step 4 home. So much time and effort went into designing a perfectly efficient envelope for these clients that not one detail could be overlooked. It came to the attention of Brett and Andrew after filming this episode that the diagonal rain screen may not have been the optimal solution for this ultra-thick, 12” wall cavity. There was a risk that this ventilation cavity could have a hard time exhausting moist air from within the wall. So, the guys took the high road and replaced the rain screen with a double layer *vertical/horizontal configuration. Well done guys! What a stunning setting for a well-built home. 

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Welcome to High Performance Canada


Thank you for your interest in all things Canadian building science. We're so excited for you to join our journey and learn from our perspective of residential construction.

In this series, host Nathan Kischel visits job sites around British Columbia to learn how other builders and archi...

Episode 1: Local Off Site Construction


David Arnott graciously opens his shop doors to The Build Show and shows Nathan around TAG Panels' multi-step manufacturing process. David is not only the co-founder of TAG Panels, but is also the owner and principal architect at STARK Architecture. His manufacturing process takes a simple app...

Episode 2: Stark Mountain Modern - Prefab Ski Chalet


This mountain retreat was designed to maximize floor area, construction schedule, and thermal efficiency. STARK Architecture worked alongside TAG Panels and Gavan Construction to quickly build this sizable modern ski chalet. David takes The Build Show through some of the key factors of optimiz...

Episode 3: The Nitty Gritty with Shaun St-Amour


Shaun St-Amour is a Product Consultant from 475 High Performance Building Supply. Shaun has many talents, and one of them is teaching building science in a super engaging and enthusiastic way. In this episode, Shaun takes The Build Show on-site to see first-hand how critical elements of a high...

Episode 5: Lake Country High Performance Tour


The Build Show heads up north past Kelowna to Lake Country BC to tour an owner-built Step 5 home. This rock-solid home was designed with easy-to-install materials, which are also super easy to achieve high R-Values and airtightness. Owner-builder Leighton Williams does a fantastic job explaini...

Nathan Kischel


Nathan is a 28 year old builder from North Vancouver, British Colombia. He has been enthused with design, construction and nature for his entire life. Over his 8 years in the industry, he has worked in serval different residential construction environments, all the way from tract housing devel...

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