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Home Build Show Build: Boston


Window Installation Part 2


Episode 8 Pt. 2

The Schüco windows are here and r...

Basement Slab


Episode 9

Radon is a huge issue in the north east, as it is in many parts of the country, but the process to resolve the problem is simple. Steve will showcase how he is mitigating the massive radon issue this property has. Stev...

BSB BONUS - Project Walkthrough



Steve catches up with Kevin and Jared from LDS Construction to walk through the project and progress they've made. They give insight to changes they made, how the integration of products has worked out, and the layout of the house.


Electrical Rough


Episode 10

Lighting choices and locations play a pivotal role in the overall feel and design of a home. When roughing in and planning your lighting strategy, the details are vital to get right. In this episode of the Build Show Boston Steve will dive into the ...



Episode 11

Steve goes through the installation process on this multi-roof house. Then he goes into the studio to breakdown how they made these plans work. 


Thank you t...

Plumbing Rough


Episode 12

Plumbing locations and design are often overlooked, but must be planned from the very beginning. Plumbing locations affect the flow of a home greatly and nailing the details is key. In this episode of the Build Show B...

Mechanical & Ventilation Rough


Episode 13

Ducted vs ductless, heat pump vs ground source, locations of equipment, returns, supplies, how to integrate these systems with aesthetics, ventilation details, etc.. There is so much to cover with mechanicals in this episode of the Build Show Boston...



Episode 14

Siding is one of the first elements you notice on a house so it plays a crucial role in the design. From types of material, to the color you choose, the options are endless. On this episode of the Build Show Boston St...



Episode 15

Insulation details are without a doubt, some of the most important details anywhere in a home. There are dozens and dozens of materials and methods to insulate a home. How do you decide what makes the most sense for t...

BSB BONUS - Blower Door Test



Insulation is done and Sam from Retrotec is here to help Steve get a first update on the Boston project's blower door score. Learn all about the process of running a blower door test and input from Steve on why you need these numbers on your projects.&nb...

Board & Plaster


Episode 16

Wallboard finishes vary greatly across the country. In the northeast strapping and plaster are the standard. In this episode of the Build Show Boston follow Steve as he shows you first hand how and why it’s done...

Interior Trim & Painting


Episode 17

There are many different paths to great trim and paint choices, but how do you decide what is right for your project? In this episode of the Build Show Boston, follow Steve as he discusses what makes sense for a project/budget and more importantly, ...

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