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Home Build Show Build: Boston


As the Boston home enters the last stages of construction, Steve and Scott walk through the house discuss the decisions they made on the project and why. With endless possibilities of products to chose the two gauge whether they think they met the goals they set for the performance of this house. Scott gives insight into things he wished he would have known before the process and answers some common questions. 

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Bilco door
Shea Concrete
Door Stud
Mafi flooring
Roseburg Forest Products
Simpson Strongtie
Timber HP
Cape Cod Air Grilles

LDS Construction


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Allura Fiber Cement SidingMitsubishi Electric Trane USRoseburg

Schüco USAWarmboard


Project Introduction


Episode 1

Steve Baczek begins the journey through this 24-part series talking about why and how the Build Show Build Boston came to be. Steve begins this series by emphasizing the importance of not rushing to solutions, but learning what questions are the righ...

Site Design


Episode 2

With all the work that goes into designing a house, you can't just gloss over where to put it, right? In this episode, Steve talks about how and why this house was put on this particular site. He talks about how the terrain influences the build, read...

Project Design Part 1


Episode 3

This episode of Build Show Build Boston dives into the details of design. An architect can't just sit down and draw up a design for their clients. There are thousands of factors to consider. This is why Steve explains how to set your project up for s...

Project Design Part 2


Episode 3

On the second part of this episode, Steve covers the schematic design, and design development. Steve will show you the initial renderings he creates to show how different details will shape the conversation to finding the design details that really c...

BSB BONUS - Reading Plans with Steve


Bonus Episode

This bonus episode is all about blueprints. Most people will say they know how to read blueprints, but do you really? Steve takes you on a page-by-page journey to understanding blueprints and how he likes to layout plans. Whether you are an aspir...

Foundation Footing


Episode 4

Steve discusses the foundation plan and details such as water management, reinforcement, project layout, etc. There are dozens of interesting details that go into foundation footings, many of which are easy to look pas...

BSB BONUS - Radon Mitigation


Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, Steve and homeowner Scott talk about radon. Scott tells Steve an interesting story of how he and his neighbors became aware of a radon issue in the area and why radon mitigation became an important issue in the design of Sc...

Floor Framing


Episode 5

Floor framing seems like an easy topic, but the details are endless! From air sealing to structural support, there are many details to explore. On this episode of Build Show Build: Boston, Steve and Big Red will dive i...

Wall Framing


Episode 6

House wrap, insulated studs, ZIP System® … there are countless choices to framing and sheathing your exterior walls. What should you use, any why? We’ll review the decision making process and Steve will educate viewers on framing nom...

Roof Framing


Episode 7

Flat roofs are notoriously known for leaks, but why? Is it preventable? Are there products that work better than what has been used in the past? We believe so and will educate you on the details. Should you use prefabr...

BSB BONUS - Roseburg Forestry Tour


Bonus Episode

If you've ever wondered how your framing materials transform from trees to lumber, Steve takes a deep dive into the harvesting of these materials in the Timber Capital of the World. Roseburg Forest Products Foresters walk you through their manage...

Window Installation Part 1


Episode 8 Pt. 1

When you install a window, you are effectively cutting a giant hole into your home and then filling it back in. The details in which you fill the hole back in are crucial. From air sealing to water management, the decisions and products you cho...

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