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Home Build Show Build

Build Show Build

Follow Jake Bruton with Arrow Building as his team builds a high-performance home in Columbia, MO. Jake and architect Steve Baczek work together to overcome the building science challenges that are inherent in a modern design.


Episode 1: Site Layout


Jake Bruton and Steve Baczek are bringing us a start-to-finish project—The Hilltop Aarow House—based in Columbia, Missouri. Watch as the two bring this house to life on what Steve calls "the most exciting build to date." On this kick-off episode, there is construction taking place, but Steve brin...

Episode 2: Concrete Piers & Basement Waterproofing


Welcome back to Build Show Build, where Jake and Steve stand amidst the concrete piers that will make up the house's foundation. Jake will dive into the details, but Steve will provide the "why" behind the decisions. Remember: only about 30% of the house sits in the basement while the other 70% f...

Episode 3: Framing


Jake kicks us off with a look at the structure. He'll talk about floor trusses materials, and he'll bring a special guest to the job site. Yes, Matt joins Jake on this episode to chat even more about floor trusses. While Matt considers them a standard feature on houses, many people don't understa...

Episode 4: The Cantilevered Deck


On this episode, dive into the highlighted part of the project-- the cantilevered deck. How is it made? How does it fit into the aesthetics of the building? How do we set up the foundation to receive that deck? How do we install it and make it easy in the process? Where do we start? Steve start...

Episode 5: Standing Seam Metal Roof


Sponsored by Sheffield Metals On this episode of Build Show Build, Steve kicks off looking at a specific detail in the drawing set: the low eve roof assembly on the second floor. He'll talk through wall frames (framed with T-Stud to get that cavity insulation and an excellent thermal break as a ...

Episode 6: European Tilt & Turn Windows + Flashing Details


Welcome back to Build Show Build, where we're discussing windows. Learn more about these European window package used in this project. Find out: how they got here, how they installed them, why they chose them, and how to flash the opening. Steve helped pick them, and he's here to give us some ins...

Episode 7: Havelock Wool Insulation


On this episode of Bild Show Build, Steve and Jake talk about insulation, and like everything from a design standpoint, continuity is vital (one of Steve's favorite words). From air barriers to water management, continuity is critical. In terms of insulation, it's number four on his control layer...

Episode 8: The Air Barrier & Drywall


On this episode Build Show Build, Steve and Jake discuss the air barrier system on this house. He'll run through the red line test on the studio shot—the beauty of the red line test is that at some point, we have to make that a reality on the actual site. Looking at the structure, we have a ZIP R...

Episode 9: Siding, Painting, and Mechanicals


Welcome back to Build Show Build, where Jake tackles multiple topics today. First, we'll start with cladding choices: TruExterior was chosen for this project. While it may be unfamiliar to many because it's not a widespread product and hasn't taken hold yet, Jake is excited about working with it ...

Episode 10: Flooring, Tile Waterproofing, and Kitchen Cabinets


Jake and Steve talk about floor finishes on this episode of Build Show Build episode. Flooring is one of the broadest spectrums to choose from in the home. With tons of styles, materials, finishes, and more, durability will still be top of mind for selections. Jake and the team try to choose floo...

Episode 11: The Interior Finishes


This episode shows the house coming together. Now that it is almost completely finished, Jake and Steve discuss cabinet details. They'll also dive into the other architectural elements in the minutia and some of the design decisions that comprise their choices. Learn more about the decision-makin...

Episode 12: Series Wrap-up


On this final episode of Build Show Build, Matt kicks us off, reviewing the fantastic project and what he learned throughout this build. He even applied many of the details seen in this series to his own house. Steve and Jake take it from there to review all the details from beginning to end, re...

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