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Home Building on an Island
In this episode of Building on an Island, Wade visits two other worksites on Block island before we head to the BOAI site. At the first home, Wade and his team are installing a slate roof. He shares why they chose slate over other roofing materials, and why slate tile roofs are called a "forever roof." On the second site, a gorgeous Queen Anne renovation, Wade discusses how they're going to restore this 160-year-old home while maintaining its historical and architectural integrity. The house had a lot of rot in the original wood, so the team replaced much of the framing and created a floor system where none originally existed. They'll also have to replace all of the windows and doors. At the Building on an Island home, Wade discusses supply chain and other issues that the team is navigating. The crew has finished miscellaneous framing in the basement, living room, and kitchen. The exterior team has been working on the balcony and the white, PVC Versatex trim, and other details, including deck boards and asphalt shingles on the roof. He even shares his roofer's method of preventing hurricane-force winds from tearing away the shingles. As the exposure limit for the Huber ZIP system approaches, Wade gets advice on how to continue without voiding the warranty so they can install shakes and a stone veneer.


Building on an Island


In this Original Build Series, a mainland custom home builder embarks on a mission to build a new custom home on an island 12 miles offshore.

How will he navigate the logistics and build a home in a reasonable amount of time? How does concrete and lumber get out to the island?

Episode 1: Demolition and Site Prep Logistics


On this episode of Building on an Island, Wade will demolish an existing home, making way for a new custom build. Remember though, since he’s on an island, you can bet on plenty of challenges, such as weather, logistics, ferries, planes, d...

Episode 2: Concrete and Foundation Wall Footings


On this episode of Building on an Island, Wade heads over to Block Island to place the concrete for the foundation wall footings. This is an important and productive step in the process. After the quick and easy excavation process, and securing the footings in place, the team will wet set the upr...

Episode 3: Foundation Waterproofing and Drainage Boards


On this episode of Building on an Island, Wade takes us back to the house where we the transitions from the foundation and backfilling to the framing stage. Wade focuses on foundation waterproofing, drainage boards, and how they will tie into the french drain system around the footing. He'll a...

Episode 4: Framing, Roof Trim Details, and a Spray Foam Basement


On this episode of Building on an Island, this structure is starting to look like a house. Wade and the team face storms as they begin to get walls up and roof sheathing on. Wade gets a visit from Matt and they discuss the structure of the basement which uses crushed stone and spray foam insulati...

Episode 5: Coastal Windows (Installation and Key Differentiators)


In this episode of Building on an Island, Wade dives into coastal windows. Chatting with Andersen Window “Guru,” Don Hamel (Rhode Island Andersen Representative) he looks at the A-Series Line of windows. Some challenges faced on the island include: high salt spray, high winds, and rain in all dif...

Episode 6: Framing Wrap-up


Now that the framing, decks and exterior window trim is complete, Wade and the team are transitioning to mechanical, plumbing and electrical aspects of the build. On this episode, discover key aspects of the unique build including the decks around the house, such as the ones from the upper kitche...

Episode 7: HVAC - Compact Ducts and other Unico Benefits


On this episode of Building on an Island, Wade checks in on progress. The winter months, holidays, and COVID-19 have certainly proven to be a challenge on the job site recently. Despite some delays, good progress has been made in plumbing and HVAC. Join Wade as he meets with Evan Trethewey o...

Episode 8: Plumbing with Legend's SmartClick System and weatherproofing the Deck


On this episode of Building on an Island, Wade dives into the waterproofing methods used on the exterior decks. The deck sleepers are spaced from the surface using EPDM walkpad strips, allowing the sleepers to sit above any standing water and promote the longevity of the deck. Wade also meets wit...

Episode 10: Sidewall Cedar Shingles & the Island Power Grid


In this episode of Building on an Island, Wade dives into the shingling process and how manufacturer delays can make the project get more expensive. Next Wade walks through how they get water off the roof and deck and pitched down and out. With electrical coming up on the job site, you might be ...

Episode 11: Logistics and Island History


After receiving many questions regarding construction on Block Island, Wade hands it over to Dan, the project manager, to answer a few of them. How did the island manage freight before larger ferries were commissioned? What happens when the crew is short on supplies? Dan goes in depth on these is...

Episode 12: Stone Veneer, Electrical Rough-in, and Gas Piping


After many supply chain delays and days of inclement weather, Wade and crew are making great progress on the island. In this episode, Wade covers the stone veneer being installed. This veneer is a Connecticut Blend from Delgado Stone. While the exterior stone and cedar shakes are wrapping up, the...

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