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Home Build Science™ 101
This BUILD Original Series will start with the building science fundamentals and cover the latest advancements, techniques and materials. Upon completing the series, viewers will gain the knowledge and confidence to make smart informed decisions on their building projects.

“Building Science” is the science and technology driven collection of knowledge that improves indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, and overall occupant health and comfort. One of the main purposes of Building Science is to provide the predictive capability to design and optimize building performance (non structural), for existing and new buildings. Sound Building Science will prevent building failures and improve building quality, while guiding individuals to new techniques and technologies.

To take the quiz and download the companion Guidebook, click here.



Episode 1: Why Do We Build?


The BUILD Science 101 series hosted by Matt Risinger and Steve Baczek is an educational journey aimed at building professionals, urging them to delve deeper into the science behind construction. It emphasizes that precision and control, inherent in their work, s...

Episode 2: Why Building Science Matters – Durability


In this episode Matt & Steve underscore the paramount importance of durability in construction, emphasizing that if a building doesn't last, all other aspects become irrelevant. It explores how building science is inherently tied to durability, affecting com...

Episode 3: The Building Science of Comfort and Health


In this episode Matt & Steve delve into the building science behind comfort and health in construction. We explore the multifaceted concept of comfort, considering both builder and homeowner perspectives. We discuss climate tuning, the role of mechanical equ...

Episode 4: Energy Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility


In this episode Matt & Steve shine a spotlight on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility within construction. It underscores the significance of aligning each project with the client's budget, with a strong emphasis on prioritizing both comfort a...

Episode 5: Where is Building Science?


In this episode Matt & Steve discuss the essential role of building science in construction. It underscores that building science is an integral part of every construction facet, dispelling the misconception that it can be treated as an afterthought. Rather,...

Episode 6: Achieving Building Science


In this episode Matt & Steve shift focus towards practical implementation of building science. The discussion centers on achieving control in construction to create a controlled environment that ensures comfort, health, durability, energy efficiency, and env...

Episode 7: Water Management


In this episode Matt & Steve discuss the role of water management in construction. Water is dissected into three key aspects: protection, mitigation, and prevention. Emphasizing water's status as the leading destroyer of buildings and the primary reason for ...

Episode 8: Airtightness


In this episode Matt & Steve discuss the importance of air tightness in construction, ranking it second in significance after water management. They introduce the Blower Door test as a game-changing metric to measure air tightness, now incorporated into buil...

Episode 9: Vapor and Vapor Control


In this episode Matt & Steve discuss the enigmatic world of vapor in building construction. While vapor and moisture are ubiquitous, they often evoke confusion and misconceptions. This episode highlights the importance of understanding vapor's behavior, emph...

Episode 10: Wrapping Up with Thermal Insulation


Episode 10 of BUILD Science 101 concludes the series with a discussion on thermal management, specifically insulation. While insulation plays a vital role in controlling comfort and energy efficiency, its significance falls behind the other control layers for bu...

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