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Home New House, Old Soul


Were houses built better previously? Is craftsmanship dead? How do you build a new house with the soul of an old house? How do we inspire individuals to enter the trades? On this BUILD Original Series, we will follow Brent Hull, a nationally recognized authority on historic design, architecturally correct moldings, millwork and fine building as he dives into these topics. This series will focus on how the history of building components have shaped building practices today. Learn which historical elements are worth keeping in building today, and which elements are better left in the past.


Design - Series Overview


Episode 1 explores the debate between older houses and modern advancements in building, exploring the middle ground between modern and older design, and addressing the history of building and its sponsors.



Brent visits North Bennet Street School in Boston to discuss the decline of craftsmanship, focusing on shop craftsmen Vasyl the Ukrainian wood carver, thanks to sponsors.

Foundation & Site Layout


Episode 3

Covering the history of foundations and how they have progressed and evolved, including a study of foundation types and options, detailing foundations specific to Texas. How does  site layout impact the project overall?&nb...



Episode 4

Studs, headers and joists seem routine today.  How was framing different in the 1700s/1800s and has it improved since then?  What design and craftsmanship elements can be seen in modern framing practices, and what may...



Episode 5 explores the history of electrical design, its impact on buildings, and how classic features like gas lanterns can be effectively integrated into modern design.



Episode 6 explores plumbing history, materials, colors, layouts, and innovation in kitchens and bathrooms. Rheem products and Sashco's sealants are discussed. Stay updated on Rheem on Instagram and request a sample kit.

Roofing & Dormers


Episode 7

Roofs have to put up with a lot: blazing sun, gale winds, driven rain.  Snow and ice, heat and cold.  Plus, the roof makes up a great part of a home’s curb appeal.  What design considerations need to be mad...

Exterior Cladding


Episode 8

The exterior walls of a home need to repel a variety of elements: air, water, and vapor.  Each of them has an uncanny way of trying to find their way through the layers.  What methods of control, in the form of external cladding, have been tried in ...

100-Year Window


Episode 9

The concept behind a 100-year window is, quite simply, to make a window that will last and perform for 100 years.  How did Brent’s idea come about, and exactly how are 100-year windows made?  We’ll explore...



Episode 10

The history of air and water heating and cooling in America.  How did its integration within a home shape how building was done in Texas, and elsewhere?  How does the need for plumbing and ventilation influence a bui...



Episode 11

Flooring Like roofs, floors have had a long history of providing beauty and function to a home.  What has changed in floors to improve both qualities?  This episode takes a deep dive into wood flooring, which has wit...



Episode 12 explores the importance of trim in a house's appeal and longevity, highlighting the significance of certain trim choices. Sashco offers an exclusive sampling offer for Pro viewers, courtesy of their sponsors.

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