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In this Original Build Series, a mainland custom home builder embarks on a mission to build a new custom home on an island 12 miles offshore. How will he navigate the logistics and build a home in a reasonable amount of time? How does concrete and lumber get out to the island?

These are just a few of the many challenges Wade, principal of WKP Construction will face as he sets aim to build a high-performance home out at sea. With frequent cancellations of ferries and grounding of small planes due to weather, how will this impact the build? Where does the workforce come from since the island is extremely limited with tradesmen and tradeswomen? There are so many questions and challenges. As Wade says "nothing is going to be easy, and we're prepared for that." Block Island is a harsh environment. Homes get battered with salty air, wind, and storms. It's just another challenge for Wade's team to build a home that is going to withstand the elements and last for generations to come.

This BUILD Original Series will start with the building science fundamentals and cover the latest advancements, techniques and materials. Upon completing the series, viewers will gain the knowledge and confidence to make smart informed decisions on their building projects.

“Building Science” is the science and technology driven collection of knowledge that improves indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, and overall occupant health and comfort. One of the main purposes of Building Science is to provide the predictive capability to design and optimize building performance (non structural), for existing and new buildings. Sound Building Science will prevent building failures and improve building quality, while guiding individuals to new techniques and technologies.

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Follow Jake Bruton with Arrow Building as his team builds a high-performance home in Columbia, MO. Jake and architect Steve Baczek work together to overcome the building science challenges that are inherent in a modern design.

Building a net-zero home isn’t easy. It takes knowledgeable designers, builders, and homeowners, upfront investment, quality materials, and a team that’s focused on every detail from start to finish. Most homeowners and builders don’t know which conversations to have to set a project up for success.

Steve Baczek is an architect passionate about educating folks about building science, and is eager to open this conversation. From early on transparency, assigning “homework,” and high quality building products, Steve walks you through how to turn a house from an idea into a high-performance home. Steve shows you how to not just focus on the solution to a problem, but the importance of the questions you ask to get there.

Steve will use his recently designed all electric, net-zero home to showcase what homeowners don’t know they’re missing - a better built home. Watch his process from design to finish in this 24-part series to learn what it really takes to build better.”


In this series, host Nathan Kischel visits job sites around British Columbia to learn how other builders and architects are addressing high performance construction, and the BC Energy Step Code.

How do you build a home that battles 30-degree Celsius heat in the summer, and -30 degree Celsius cold in the winter while consuming little to no energy?

Host Nathan Kischel of Purehaus Developments takes you on a tour while speaking with many like-minded industry professionals from all corners of the market. His curiosity about low energy construction is what drives him to learn from the best of the best and share that knowledge with the Build Show community.


Were houses built better previously? Is craftsmanship dead? How do you build a new house with the soul of an old house? How do we inspire individuals to enter the trades? On this BUILD Original Series, we will follow Brent Hull, a nationally recognized authority on historic design, architecturally correct moldings, millwork and fine building as he dives into these topics. This series will focus on how the history of building components have shaped building practices today. Learn which historical elements are worth keeping in building today, and which elements are better left in the past.


On this 13- episode BUILD Original Series, we will follow Matt Risinger as he travels the country visiting Build Show expert contributors Eric Aune, Lydia Crowder, Zack Dettmore and CJ Nielsen, each with a passion for high-performance homes. Trades covered include plumbing, heating, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, remodeling and drywall.

This Build Show Original Series will draw attention to the opportunities that exist in the industry, highlighting the different career paths available, and the gratification of owning your own business.

Talking Trades will provide ideas, tips and trends from professional contractors and tradespeople. Each expert will provide their perspective on: What is a day in their life like? What does it take to be successful? The importance of customer education/involvement in the process. Lessons learned.

Residential construction professionals look forward to the NAHB International Builders' Show® (IBS) each year! We visit our favorite building material booths and see some friends from the Build Show Network. With appearances from Steve, Lydia, Jake, Eric, and some other YouTubers - we cover the best of IBS.

View the full series with best of reviews, demonstrations, full length cuts not on YouTube, and more. Check back often for the latest updates on what's new and exciting for 2023 - and what you should be thinking about for your next project.


On this 8 - episode BUILD Original Series, Matt Risinger will talk about his experiences with the Real Rebuild of his family home including the construction and building science behind it. Learn about the experiences Matt and his family have had since moving in, what they would do differently, what they did right, and how the home is performing post-occupancy.

Find out if Matt accomplished his goals for the home including passive level air tightness, durability and efficiency in a healthy comfortable environment.


This 24 Episode Build Show Original Series follows Matt Risinger and his team through the entire building process — from pre-planning to final sale of the home. Matt utilizes core building science principles as he dismantles and recycles an existing house and builds a brand-new, state-of-the-art home in Austin, TX. 

The Risinger Build not only offers a behind-the-scenes look into each step of the building process, but also insights into the decision making process, the tools and materials used, and techniques.