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Zip System 2.0 reviewed

Zip System 2.0 reviewed .

Matt Risinger visits a fellow builder's job site where the team is taking Huber Zip System to the next level of performance. Watch as Risinger and Doug Cameron show a new method to install Zip System using Liquid Flash that will surprise you. As you'll see in this video, Cameron uses Zip R sheathing which provides a continuous thermal break around the whole building. In addition, he uses the Zip Liquid Flash, which is a liquid-applied flashing membrane. This system is amazing because you only need the sheathing and liquid flash, which means you don't have to mess around with tape or primers. Anywhere you'd usually see tape, you will see the Liquid Flash, including seams, penetrations, and any other critical junctures. Not only is this system convenient, but also it creates a very airtight shell. What other benefits come with the Zip system? Check out the full video to find out.

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