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World's BEST Ventilation and Filtration System

Hopefully you know the benefits of building a tight home. With a properly sealed envelope we can increase our control over the conditioned space. This control is equally important for the durability of the building, as it is for occupant comfort and health. Because of this, building tight also means we need to ventilate right. Continuous, balanced ventilation is key to maintaining comfort and indoor air quality while reducing our heating or cooling costs. This is done through an ERV or HRV. These units will help extract energy from exhaust air and this energy to precondition fresh air we are supplying back to the house. And we can filter this air, giving us the peace of mind that the air in our house will never be stale or dirty. This is far from the reality of living in a leaky home with many exhaust fans with little to no supply or balanced ventilation. In this video we’ll see why Matt chose to install a Zehnder ERV at his house, what is involved, and why it is probably easier to install than you may think.

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