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Whole Home Water Control With a Buoy

Whole Home Water Control With a Buoy .

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In this video, Matt Risinger meets up with Master Plumber, Eric Aune, to chat about a new smart water control system for the home. Need to shut your water off remotely? Want to track data so you can budget your water bills? The Resideo Buoy brings a new smart spin to home water control. So, for example, instead of a traditional shut off that you turn off before your vacation, the little computer within the device (an industrial grade water meter and some electronics) will detect activity and know exactly what to do. The device is battery operated, lasting up to one year, it’s Wi-Fi enabled, and communicates with other smart devices in the home. It can automatically turn off and send you updates and notifications via the app.

Some other noteworthy features include:

  • Monitoring water usage in real time so you can stop paying for water during slow leaks
  • Preventing damage by automatically turning off when something starts gushing suddenly
  • Allow the pros to install the controller to your main water line near the shut-off valve.

Learn more about the Buoy now.