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What's New In Building?

Giant auto sliding doors, laundry jets, new LED tech, and Hidden TVs-- these are just a few of the Build Show Network's favorite things spotted at IBS 2020 in Las Vegas last month. Matt, Jake, Brent, Wade, and Steve Baczek (Build Show Network's newest architect addition) take to the show floor to pick out some products worth mentioning. 
What they found:
NanaWall: The Zero, self-opening doors
Lundawood: heat changing wood
Laundry Jet: a hi-tech approach to the traditional laundry chute
Hidden Vision: hidden panel TV
Cooper Industries' HALO: lights the same width as the drywall=new options for lighting fixture placement
WarmBoard: radiant floor system
Versatex: Trimboard
Marvin: Windows, doors, and skylights are coming this year!
Watch the video to check out the amazing features of these picks.