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Join us for the second video of the two video series as we profile WARMBOARD Radiant Floor Heating System. As an Architect, planning is pretty much my life. Warmboard masters the planning concept. From a precise panel layout, a precise tube layout, and to a manifold that is a work of art in progress, this system was installed flawlessly. You need a Great Team – and we have one. I worked extensively with the representatives from Warmboard to plan out the system for our ranch remodel. It is a “Whole House” radiant floor heating system. Our plan then got turned over the Rick, the framing crew, and the plumbing crew and they applied their passion for a job done exceptionally well. Watch the video to see a little planning, a little zone layout, a little panel layout, and a whole lot of common sense and love for what you do, bring the ranch remodel to new heights as it receives a new radiant floor heating system. Quite possibly worth watching twice…..Enjoy the video my friends…….and of course – Long Live Our Buildings.

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