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Vented Metal Roofing with Rigid Foam Underneith

What do you consider best practice when venting a metal roof while also building a conditioned attic space? Master Builder Matt Risinger walks you through the process to ensure you can still have the best of both.You can see how they build in a venting space and system between the roof deck and the metal roof. First, observe the installation of a corrugated product by CoraVent between two layers of fascia. How do you create a pocket for airflow between the deck and Galvalume metal roof? Here you can see how they installed 1x4 lath on the roof deck to form a venting space, so the air flows from the vent and out through the top of the ridge.Risinger explains the layers of insulation to make sure they are still building a high-performance, energy-efficient home. Watch the full video to learn more about the role of rigid foam in a metal roof installation.