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There are many details in residential construction. Many of these details have variations that have developed over time to favor certain conditions. Certain conditions require certain solutions. When we need a deep beam, and don’t want to see it below, we look to invert it – “Upturned Beam”. Join BIG RED and I as we walk thru this specific condition on a project we are doing right now. We walk the site from below AND above to get a first hand look at the detail in action. We then return back to the studio, break out the floor framing plan and the detail, and we walk thru them to get a better understanding of the different considerations when using this detail. Join in for the ride and let’s talk structure….Let’s talk Upturned Beam….Enjoy…..be sure to watch thru the outro as BIG RED received a BIG surprise his week….

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beam joist upturned red flush