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Ultra Aire 98H Dehumidifier .

Coming to you from the International Builders' Show (IBS) 2017 show floor, Matt Risinger is at the Ultra-Aire booth and is talking with the rep about their new 98H great dehumidifier. This machine easily works on homes up to 2,300 square feet, bringing in fresh air from outside and dehumidifying it independent of the home's A/C system. Risinger discusses why he likes it, including that it's super efficient, at only 5.9 amps, and that if you're building really tight houses, this unit will work really well on homes even a bit bigger than 2,300 square feet. Filtration on the machine is also discussed, including how you can upgrade to a finer filter if you're in an area that needs extra filtration. This way, the dehumidified air going into the house has been filtrated really well. The bonus? This product is made in the U.S.A., in Madison, Wisconsin. To see more products Risinger recommends, go to his blog at www.mattrisinger.com.

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