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Trex Brasilia Decking w Hideaway Hidden Fasteners Review

In this video, we'll learn more about Trex Brasilia decking. Brasilia Trex is a recycled product made of wood fibers and recycled PVC. The unique thing to mention about the product is that it's about 50% wood and 50% recycled plastic. This knowledgeable review of Trex Brasilia decking discusses the earth-friendly materials used to make it, its life expectancy after being in the sun, the correct way to fasten the Trex into place using the hidden fastener method and the protective covering that comes with the Trex Brasilia panels. The Trex Brasilia decking and the hidden fastener system proved quick and easy to install at about three hours. Matt Risinger and his team install the system and review the specifications of the Trex Brasilia Deck and the hidden fastener system which can bring your deck from looking good to looking great.