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Traveling Builder? Book a room in this cool Swiss High Performance B&B .

In this last video from Matt Risinger's Switzerland trip, Matt will give you a behind the scenes tour of this beautiful 1880's Catholic Orphanage that's been turned into a Guest House for SIGA company. This old building has been transformed into a modern & high-performance building and we'll show off the details that were uniquely Swiss.The building is a beautiful, old, and very solid. The exterior walls are masonry that is about two-feet deep.As you tour the building with Matt, you'll see some of the exciting highlights of the remodeled building. It's impressive from the very beginning the original front door has been retrofitted with double gaskets, so when the door closes there are two places of contact which makes a very tight door. All interior doors have double gaskets, too. You won't find a lot of noise pollution in this bB.The building is heated by radiators, so you'll see how they conceal radiators. For example, there's a beautiful chapel right off the front entryway, and the radiators peak out from beneath the pews.To access the guest rooms, you will follow Matt up a fabulous spiral staircase that runs through the entire building and lit LED strip lighting beneath the handrail, which is a nice touch.Once in the guestroom, the coolest feature you'll see is the bathroom. The entire bathroom is a wetroom, so everything is water-safe and easy to clean.Finally, take a trip up to the attic. When Siga remodeled the building, they transformed the attic into a conditioned space. In Switzerland, they use sheathing on the inside as well as insulation. You have to watch the full video to see all of the features of the SIGA B&B.

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