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Traditional vs. Advanced Framing

Traditional vs. Advanced Framing .

Why might you want to use traditional framing over advanced framing and vice versa? The concept of advanced framing is spun from the fact that most houses contain too much lumber, so this tactic reduces that amount in a practical way. The distance between the studs is something important to pay attention to. They allow for insulated headers and California corners. Considering dry wall and level of insulation can be important especially for people living in the North East who need a little more. It even allows for a quieter home. Advanced framing comes along with added benefits such as cost-effectiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency. However, in some cases, advanced framing may not be worth the hassle in comparison to traditional framing methods. Watch the full video and find out if traditional framing or advanced framing is better for your home. In this video, Matt Risinger takes us to a visit to a home built with traditional framing and one with advanced framing. Watch the full video to learn more about which option is better for your home.

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