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Top 5 Dumbest Ways to Build in the South

Matt Risinger delves into some of the dumbest things you can do when building a house, specifically in the south where the temperatures get pretty high. What's the point of vented roof, attics, and crawl spaces? What about ducts in the attic? The sunlight and heat come through the house and heat the attic to sometimes up to 130 degrees. Hot and humid means an ideal environment for mold. Turns out there are a ton of inefficient building methods that are adding a higher likelihood of humidity, unwanted hot air, and moisture in your home. Surprisingly, brick on the outside of a house is also far from ideal, since brick soaks up a lot of moisture. So, if the building techniques used behind the brick aren't carefully thought out, it could create some issues with your home. Another thing to consider is stucco. Water leaks behind stucco can sometimes leak water into the house framing. Watch the full video to learn more about these southern building downfalls.